Summer Jazz Camp

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2015 - Bennie Sims layin’ it down…!2015 - Larry Marshall, Bennie Sims & Cliff Starkey2015 - Greg Wilson sat in...The gang - 2014Chris Heslop 2014 Gerald Veasley with the gang - 2013Gerald V helping us get our groove on - 2013Andrew Neu playing for Summer Jazz 2013Andrew and MikeFriday performances 2013


$75 per session or $125 for both      

In this course on jazz style and improvisation, team-taught with colleague Chris Heslop, participants will learn how to improvise using scales and modes.  Rhythm section participants (piano, guitar, bass and drums) will learn how to accompany soloists and to perform their own solos.  Jazz styles will be learned through playing and listening.  Students will also learn the basics of jazz performance, including how to get one’s own jazz combo started.

Each session features visits by renowned area jazz artists, who will perform with and offer advice to students.  This is a fun, engaging week of practical advice, intense practice, and great music!

Pictures courtesy John Pankratz (2014 and Andrew Neu), John Ernesto and me

    © Michael Eben 2015